Seasons of the Barge

April 2, 2022

Since day one we've observed a steady shift in assumptions about the Barge. Online, on the street, and along the Seawall... we've heard a lot over the last few months.

At first we thought this thing would be removed in a flash - but the laws of physics had other plans. To this day, nobody knows how long the Barge will be around...

Here's a small sample of the cultural backdrop to date.

Fall: A temporary novelty

"Go check it out before it's gone!"

Online discussion after the landing (November 2021)

Could the Barge be a mythical matriarch of Sunset Beach?

Cactus Club Café Sunset Beach (November 2021)

An instant classic by @boredindustries

Winter: The talk of the town

"Hmm, it's still here. What now?"

Gingerbarge (December 2021)

Link to article

Barge Proposal (December 2021)

Link to article

Baby Barge (January 2022)

Tarrin & Sorrel (Styrogirls) take their Barge for an icy dip

The Wreck of the English Bay Barge (January 2022)

Local musician Daniel Wagner channels Gordon Lightfoot

Lego Barge (January 2022)

Link to original webpage

Quick cut at the Barge (February 2022)

Onsite performance by DJ Soo

Conversation continues (December 2021)

They say the Barge is doomed, but we can't stop talking about it.

Bargé (April 1, 2022)

Is this goodbye? Cactus Club pays homage to the original meme.

Spring: A bigger conversation

Looking back at all the discussion around the Barge, you'll find that inspirational ideas have been here all along.

Our proposal is a genuine opportunity to transform the Barge with intention, adopting it into the place that is Vancouver.

All we'll need is a little imagination.

Barge Café by Rutsaver Records, April 2, 2022

Reddit thread

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