A monumental feature.

Public Realm

The Barge is already a landmark - a place to meet & gather for locals and visitors alike. But it can mean much more.

As a remarkable living object, the Barge becomes the anchor for an entire cultural district.

What are the chances? The Barge landed right in the middle of a sculpture park. With four existing artworks of industrial steel plus a massive stone Inukshuk, the transformed Barge works as a perfect addition to the established material palette.


A: Gateway to the Northwest Passage (1980) by Alan Chung. Corten steel

B: 217.5 Arc x 13 (2007) by Bernar Venet. Corten steel

C: AIDS Memorial (2004) by Bruce Wilson. Corten steel

D: Engagement (2005) by Dennis Oppenheim. Aluminum & rolled steel

E: Inukshuk Monument (1986) by Alvin Kanak. Grey granite

Right in line with this sculpture on the beach...

... and this one across the Creek!

glad to have you on board,

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