An oasis of life at the edge of the city.


1: Fill the Barge with soil and drainage layers. Seed with a diverse forest ecosystem plus some mature trees.

2: Optionally, fill around the hull's perimeter to protect from seawater and set the Barge in place.

3: Slope fill away from seawall edge in order to reintroduce extended intertidal habitat zone.

More than just a waypoint or a fascinating attraction, the site of the Barge can host all kinds of life, too.

Up above, growing from the deep soil: a forest ecosystem of plants, trees, and all the bird & pollinator species that call them home.

Down below, around the hull: an aquatic, intertidal habitat for fish, mollusks, amphipods, and barnacles - maybe even a seal or two.

The Barge is part of the landscape.

The view from Burrard Street. "Hey, what's that over there?"

The view from across False Creek.

glad to have you on board,

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